Our Team

Nicky on her stall
Nicky is director and co-founder of Pick's Organic Farm, Nicky started the business in 1999 with her cousin Tim (Tim sadly passed away in 2019). Having young children at the time of starting the business and wanting to give them the best start in life, as well as the love of the British countryside was the motivation to start Picks Organic. These values and Nicky’s passion for organic farming and animal welfare are still as strong today.
Paul on his stall
Paul came to join the Pick's team in 2004 as a delivery driver. Paul is now the market manager and sorts out all the logistics; he was instrumental in the farm starting doing markets in London. He really gets involved in all aspects of the business and he skills are pretty diverse - he is a keen foodie and was key to developing our award-winning sausage recipes. His contribution is far wider than that - whether he is repairing the market infrastructure or even the market vans, building poultry housing or mowing the hay even - no job is too big for Paul. Paul does markets in London at the weekends and regularly stands at Balham and Victoria Park.
Dave snr
Dave (Snr)
Dave (snr) is a 3rd generation beef and sheep farmer. He has spent his life working with livestock having grown up on farms with his father. Dave have been driving tractors since the age 12, he started night-milking at 14, and worked on a dairy farm 13 years.

Having completed college he then went on to follow the family tradition as a full-time beef and sheep farmer. Dave is passionate about organic and traditional farming techniques and keeps his own cows and chickens too as well as horses for his large family. Dave had 32 years of farming experience before he joined our team and is now our farm manager.
elyce on her stall
Elyce started helping at the farm from the age of 14 and her passion for the animals and the countryside is still a major part of the development of her role. Although her time at the farm is spent more and more on the admin side of the business, she still finds time to work with the animals and is happiest when surrounded by her sheep. Elyce also works at various markets around the country.
jim with a lamb
Jim loves a good market and has been a stalwart of the markets team for many a year. He is a regular at West Hampstead and Horniman Museum markets where he has many loyal customers. Jim has been a valued supporter of the farm and is there whenever needed. Jim came to the farm when his health took a turn from the worse, he comes from a welding background which is always useful to have on the team. Jim is now very much part of the farmily.
josh arriving at work
Josh, our enthusiastic butcher's assistant brings a fresh zeal to his craft. As a relative youngster in the team he blends traditional skills with modern flair. During the weekdays, Josh is an indispensable part of our team, ensuring every cut of meat is perfect for our customers. Outside of work, he's an avid outdoorsman, often found exploring local trails or riding his motorbike. We're thrilled to have him as a part of the Pick's family, where he continues to learn and grow with us.
Lin at the farm shop
Having spent many years in a children's services Lin was looking for a new view of life, and she has certainly found it at Pick's. She can often be found with a paint brush in her hand, but is the foundation of the farm shop at the weekends. Lin is a family person and has her grandchildren at the heart of her priorities, and we are very glad to welcome her into the Pick's farmily.
Millie looking handsome
Millie is by far the funniest member of the team. Unable to keep her feet on the ground for more than 2 minutes, her energy and enthusiasm is loved by all. Her happy personality is always there to cheer us up after a long day on the farm.
Natalia came to Pick's to work in the butchery dept as the butcher's assistant. Her aptitude and enthusiasm were immediately clear and she is now our expert sausage and burger maker. She is picking up skills all the time and has quickly developed to a key reliable member of the team.
Rachel at market
Rachel started working just weekends having come from a care sector background. Her care and empathy quickly enabled us to place her on the farm and she shows as much care and diligence to the animals as ever she did in her previous role. We are so pleased with her development she has now joined us as the farm apprentice. She works in all aspects of the farming side of the business but also works on the markets where she brings a range of expertise and experience.
Rico enjoys long walks around the farm and bringing his ball to the gate to show customers. He is yet to prove himself as a sheepdog, but he tries his best.
Ryan and chip in his tractor
Ryan has grown up on the farm and spent his formative years helping out and working on the markets. In his late teens he left to follow a career as an electrician. The pull of the farm and stability of being a new father has brought him back. He now works full-time under Dave as a farmer and brings lots of new ideas to that side of the business.
Little Sid - his first day on a tractor
Little Sid
Little Sid is the newest member of the team. Despite his age he has already been to market and had a go in the tractor.