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Picks Organic Farm is an organic farm based in the heart of rural Leicestershire. We are a family run farm that has been producing the highest quality organic meat since 1999 and strongly believe in the principles of organic farming.  Our history goes back many years further than this and you can find out all about us on the Our Story page.


Put simply Organic Farming is farming the old fashioned way; farming without using artificial chemicals and pesticides. It means working with nature as oppose to destroying it. All of our meat raised is 100% organic, meaning they are free-range (so spend their days roaming around the fields), are not mass treated with antibiotics or chemicals and eat a healthy natural grass-fed organic diet. We follow the strict guidelines and code of practice set down by the Organic Food Federation, where animal welfare is paramount and at the front of the agenda. Organic food is not only better for you, it is better for the environment and better for the animal.


Our animals are reared naturally and fed a natural diet. Our beef and lamb are both completely grass-fed and the animals grow as nature intended. This natural diet ensures the full, rich flavour of meat as it used to be before the introduction of intensive farming techniques. Animals that eat naturally occurring, nutrient-rich foods, and are treated well during their lives are more flavoursome than industrial meats from supermarkets. We farm Gloucester Old-Spot Pork, Dexter Beef, North Country Sheep, Ross Cob and Hubbards Fattening Birds, Laying Hens and Ducks, as well as a selection of Christmas Poultry and Seasonal Game. All of which are sold locally at our farm shop and butcher's shop or directly from us at a farmers' markets.


Our quaint butchers shop is the epicentre of our farm shop and the meat is the heart and soul of our business. We have one full-time butcher in our butchery who has many years butchery experience and can offer advice on cuts, and prepare meat to customers exact specifications. As he works with the whole animal he can offer cooking advice and find the perfect cut for your price range or recipe, enabling you to buy the exact amount needed, as oppose to shrink wrapped packages at a set weight. We also sell our organic meat at a host of farmers markets in and around the Midlands and London.