Horniman Farmers' Market


    If you're in search of fresh, locally sourced produce, look no further than Horniman Farmers' Market. The market brings together passionate farmers and artisans who are dedicated to providing you with the finest produce, baked goods, and artisanal products available.

    At the market you can buy our grass-fed organic Dexter Cross beef, which is considered to be some of the finest beef available in the region. Our cattle are reared on lush, green pastures and are fed a diet of natural, organic feed that ensures the highest quality and taste.

    In addition to our grass-fed Dexter Cross beef, we also have our free-range Gloucester Old-spot pork and their grass-fed Suffolk-cross lamb. These meats are both tender and flavoursome, and are a popular choice among customers who are looking for healthy, sustainable meat options.

    Finally, we have our seasonal organic farm-reared poultry. Whether you're looking for juicy, flavourful chicken or rich, tender duck, you'll find everything you need at the Pick's Organic Farm stall

    So if you're looking for fresh, locally sourced produce, come and visit us at Horniman Farmers' Market. With a variety of vendors selling everything from fresh produce and baked goods, to artisanal products and handcrafted items, you're sure to find something that you'll love. And don't forget to stop by Pick's Organic Farm to pick up some of their delicious, grass-fed meat and poultry!

    Horniman Farmers' Market is a Click and Collect location

    Weekly on Sunday at 10:00am
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    51.441249258078, -0.061755099737537

    Horniman Museum and Gardens
    100 London Road
    Forest Hill
    SE23 3PQ