Organic Student's Box

  • Posted on: 23 August 2017
  • By: Admin
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SKU: PLU-009-250g / PLU-060-250g / PLU-171-400g / PLU-017-200g / PLU-001-450g-2 Chops / PLU-061-2pk / PLU-054-200g / PLU-025-350g / EGGS-HEN-6 / PLU-041-350g / PLU-013-400g / PLU-058-400g

A one-person meat box designed for the students with a little nous, this organic box is 100% free or nasty pesticides, growth-hormones, genetically-modified products or anything else that simply put shouldn't be there.  This box has all the key meats you need to get through the term.  Start the new academic year as you mean to go on ... with a proper box of nosh.  Makes an excellent present for a student you know. Whatismore we can deliver it directly to them.

List price: £61.82
Price: £59.99
Weight: 3.46 kg
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