Organic One-Person Senior's Box

  • Posted on: 23 August 2017
  • By: Elyce
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SKU: PLU-041-115g / PLU-061-2pk / PLU-60-115g / PLU-046-230g / PLU-009-230g / PLU-017-230g / PLU-025-150g / PLU-023-120g / PLU-088-100g / PLU-047-230g / PLU-044-230g / PLU-001-150g-1 Chop / PLU-053-230g

This is an especially designed box for single people who enjoy good quality produce.  It contains a range of everyday meats with a single-person in mind.

List price: £46.40
Price: £45.99
Weight: 2.825 kg
Boneless Organic Lamb Steak (SB)
Organic Neck of Lamb (SB)
Organic Diced Lamb (SB)
Organic Minced Lamb (SB)
Organic Lamb Cutlet (SB)
Organic Free-range Chicken Drumsticks (SB)
Organic Free-range Chicken Breast (SB)
Organic Stewing Beef (SB)
Organic Pork Chop (SB)
Organic Dry-cure Back Bacon (SB)
Organic Diced Pork (SB)
Organic Beef Minute Steak (SB)