Lean / Weight-Aware Selection Box

  • Posted on: 16 August 2017
  • By: Admin
SKU: PLU-009-250g / EGGS-DUCK-6 / PLU-060-250g / PLU-066-500g / PLU-022-350g-TRIMMED / PLU-024-350g / 5021991200106

This selection box is especially designed for those who are 'weight aware' and looking for nutritious lean meats.  We have been working with our resident nutrition, exercise and health coach  Greg Levy who has helped us put together this exciting selection.

List price: £33.00
Price: £32.99
Weight: 1.73 kg
1 × Organic Duck Eggs
Organic Diced Pork
Organic Duck Eggs
Organic Beef Minute Steaks
Wild Venison Haunch
Organic Pork Steaks
Clipper Caffeine-free Organic Infusion Tea
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