Wild Pheasant

  • Posted on: 20 October 2021
  • By: Elyce

Pheasant is known for its wild flavour, a distinct mild gamey flavour which becomes more distinctive the longer the bird has been hung for.

Pheasant is lean, rich in iron and protein but low in fat. It is a versatile meat and is a fantastic tasty alternative to chicken. Our game is wild and shot by expert gamekeepers and prepared by our butchery team. Whilst every effort is made to remove any shot, on rare occasions traces may be found.

One whole game bird is a hearty portion for one or two people.

All our game birds are wild and local to our Leicestershire farm. Pheasants thrive is the British countryside and are extremely sustainable. 

SKU: 00000
In Season: 
1st October to 28th February