Ashridge Vintage Organic Cider (50cl)

  • Posted on: 6 May 2020
  • By: Admina
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£3.04 (inc VAT)

From the Devon region of England comes this beautiful sparkling apple cider. Rather than using more traditional methods of producing the cider, this is produced using the Champagne method. The result is a carbonated organic cider, a wonderfully flavorful beverage indeed. The carbonation is light and subtle, preventing the fizz from overpowering the aromas and deep flavours that set this apple cider apart. You’ll love the medium-dry cider, with its rich taste of cooked apples, just the right amount of tannins, and a “little something funky” on the palate. The perfect cider to serve at a luncheon or afternoon party.

Cider is extremely food-friendly, try serving it in wine glasses with a range of foods and see what works best!

  • Producer           Ashridge
  • Grape Variety     Apple
  • Vintage              2011
  • Size                  50cl
  • Alcohol              6.5%


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Price: £2.53
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