West Hill Farmers' Market

West Hill Farmers' Market

  • Posted on: 13 June 2017
  • By: Admin
Fruit and Veg display at the market

West Hill Farmers' Market; unpasteurised milk, beef and welfare friendly veal from Midgham Farm. Westmoor Farm free range chickens, and game in season, organic meat, poultry and eggs from Picks Organics, artisan bread from Artisan Foods and Olivier’s Bakery, fantastic vegetables from Wild Country Organics and local honey.

Favourite Stall Winner 2017: runner up Picks, winner Midgham Farm


June 2015

Opening times:

Every Sunday 10am-2pm

Nearest cash point:

Lloyds Southside shopping centre & Nat West banks Wandsworth high st

Other info:

The market is on a school playground and the school kindly ask that you please leave your dogs by the school entrance

West Hill Primary School
Merton Road
SW18 5ST